Author - Regina Weston -
                                                                                  Why Couldn't You Love Me Too
               By Regina Weston

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A few of my male and female friends decided to share their relationship woes with you. We're hoping that maybe you can learn something from our experiences and avoid some of our pitfalls. Have you ever been in a relationship and you and the person jelled like jell-o. It appeared on the surface that the love you two share is strong as steel. You believe strongly in your heart that nothing or no one could come between it. Then suddenly, in a blink of an eye, things change. Your partner comes up with excuses for not spending quality time with you. Making love becomes a chore for them. You're no longer kissing on the lips; your mate now gives you their cheek. They're no longer communicating their thoughts, their hopes and dreams as they once did. And everything about you now irritates them. It's clear someone or something has grasped the fibers of their heart.
Why Couldn't You Love Me Too...the way I love you, you're left asking? Come on this journey with us and educate yourself on love and relationships, and so much more.
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 Why Couldn't You Love Me -                     Poetry
      By Regina Weston

Poetry that deals with the affairs of the heart: Love & Relationships and social issues, such as Domestic Violence. This book of Poetry will provoke thought and leave readers mesmerized. 

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