Girl Talk... The Art Of Love... Betrayal And Gold Digging 101           

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Tila Denine can teach a class in gold digging, but she lives in a man’s world. For that reason she feels justified in doing the things she does for money to support her son and her three siblings. But when she hooks up with Mark, a man that play for keeps, life for her takes a dangerous turn.

And the drama continues when one of her lovers gets her a job at a Law Firm. This is where Tila meets up with four other women who are scandalous in their own right. Things heats up at the Law Firm and the GIRL TALK… begins.

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Why Couldn't You Love Me Too   

Have you ever wondered why no one seems to be happy in any kind of relationship nowadays? Why have the words morals and ethics become just two words in the English dictionary? Why what was once deemed wrong is now right and vice a versa? Teen Pregnancy is on the rise, same as Divorce, Gang Violence, Rape, Drug Use, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence.

Well this book will shed some light on these subjects by dealing with the Dynamics of the Family Unit, exploring where we as people have gone wrong? This book will educate its readers and offer tools to those seeking answers and change.

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Words From The Heart


Words From The Heart is a collection of poems, featuring, Inspirational, The Voice That Speaks Within You, Spirituality and Relationship verses of Faith, Love, Hope and Dreams. 

It deals with day to day issues that are faced by many. Readers will be able to see their lives through the lens of these words. 

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